The Query That Worked

The book that would become SOME KIND OF MAGIC was the third MS I queried. From 54 queries, I received 15 partial or full requests, followed by an offer from Dystel and Goderich.  The title of my book has been changed, and you can see how much the back cover copy retained elements of my query on the Goodreads page.

Dear [AGENT]:

I am seeking representation for my 80,000 word Contemporary Romance, I WANT YOU TO WANT ME, a rock star romance with a Tristan and Iseult twist.

Biochemist Eden Sinclair heads downtown to catch her brother’s acoustic gig, unaware she’s left work exuding chemical temptation in the form of a lab-engineered pheromone perfume. At the club, she doesn’t recognize a grungy flirtatious stranger as internationally famous rock star Adam Copeland — not until after they’ve gotten to know each other biblically. After Eden discovers both what kind of perfume she was wearing and what kind of celebrity it may have attracted, she’s faced with a dilemma — keep both the cheap pheromone trick and the rock god, or come clean and lose him.

Self-doubts compound when she explores his massive online fandom and convinces herself he’d never be attracted to her without powerful chemical help. But Adam confesses he was charmed by her initial ignorance in his identity. Years of lonely touring, surrounded by idol-worshiping fans wanting him only for his fame, his wealth, or his rock star image have left him skeptical of romance. With the snakes at the tabloids digging through Eden’s trash for secrets and half-truths, it’s only a matter of time before rumors of her company’s pheromone testing shake Adam’s confidence in her as well. Eden might be banished from the tour bus forever if she can’t find a way back to the unspoiled trust they found in the beginning.

I’ve moved in the world of fans and musicians through my own love of live music, the connection with musicians I’ve followed, and the fan forums I’ve managed.

I am member of [ASSOCIATION]. I have published a short story [DETAILS].