My Favorite Songs of 2014

On various blogs across the webosphere, I’ve released my favorite songs of the year for anyone who might want to listen. This year, Ima do it over here on my shiny new writer blog.

Usually, I go pretty far into Indie land, but this year’s batch veers scarily close to heavy alt/pop radio rotations, and I’m okay with that. Feel free to leave a comment if you have a favorite from 2014 you want to share.

The Grooveshark playlist has stopped loading on my blog. Please visit it here.

Spoon – Do You
Because Spoon.

Maroon 5 – Sex and Candy
I confess I have a soft spot for Adam Levine. He’s not hard on the eyes or the ears. Maroon 5 isn’t normally in my heavy rotation, but I confess to listening to their latest album a few times. None of it would have made it in this list until this little cover of Marcy Playground’s Sex and Candy wormed its way into my ear, super sexy. I like sex and candy. You’re welcome.

The Black Keys – Fever
This was my summer jam. Overplayed? Yes. Do I care? Nope.

Beck – Turn Away
Anyone who knows me well would know something from Beck’s Morning Phase would end up on my best of list. I love the entire album, but Turn Away kicks me in the feels every single time it rolls around. Lush, posh, devastating, delicious and suprising. It reminds me vaguely of The Beatle’s I’ll Be Back in the chord progressions. And also weirdly of Squeeze’s Is That Love, even though that’s a radically different song. This is where my brain goes when I’m humming Turn Away.

That is a great song, btw.

Milky Chance – Stolen Dance
It’s just so darn hooky.

Hozier – Take Me To Church
So this was probably the most overplayed song of 2014, but I still sing it at the top of my lungs with made up lyrics every time it comes on.

First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining
I love these girls. They are folk pop masters. And those harmonies are so delicious.

Paolo Nutini – Let Me Down Easy
This song has such a rich throwback vibe to it. And that voice, oh my.

Sia – Chandelier
No wait, this was the most overplayed song of 2014. I’m sensing a pattern here. But I’ve been listening to Sia for a decade, so I’m happy that she broke through and this is an amazing song.

Broken Bells – No Matter What You’re Told
This whole album is great, but this song is a placeholder so I could put up a YouTube of my real favorite song from the album. Grooveshark has removed it for whatever reason. I’m in love with Lazy Wonderland. If the Shins and Arctic Monkeys had a baby, it would be this song.

Wierd Al – Word Crimes
I always hated that awful Blurred Lines, but what Weird Al did with it makes me thank the music gods for the original turd. My grammar policing heart swoons to this.