Featured Artist: Keaton Simons

Keaton Simons is a sexy motherfucker, a hell of a musician, and a genuinely nice guy.

My friends and I were lucky enough to hang out at Pat McGee’s Down the Hatch in OBX and listen to a bunch of wonderful artists perform several sets over a few days last week. Keaton was a definite highlight and a great new discovery for us. As you can see, he is inarguably a beautiful man:


But when he performs, he transcends into one sexy motherfucker. I mean, really.

With a rhythm section and waves lapping in the background, what could be more perfect?

Boy can shred a guitar and rock out a joint.

Throughout the weekend at OBX, Keaton sat in on sets with other musicians, picking up guitar or singing along. His talent seemed to know no end. He generously gave up time in his own sets to bring up plenty of other musicians to share the stage with him. And when he wasn’t smoldering with his sexy guitar man prowess, he was beaming a friendly smile and freely giving out the bear hugs. If you get a chance to see him live, don’t miss it.

To hear more, check out KeatonSimons.com.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/keatonsimonsmusic
Twitter: @keatonsimons