Ermager! I got a starred review in Booklist!

From Booklist Online:

Twenty-eight-year-old Eden Sinclair is a biochemist at a company that creates erectile dysfunction drugs. She spends her days analyzing mice sperm while considering grad school. Eden is single—and tired of being set up by her mother—but dating is the last thing on her mind, especially given her strict criteria. Meanwhile, her brother, Micah, is making a name for himself with his band, headlining at a local club. Eden, with a (secret) panache for singing, sometimes backs him up onstage; otherwise, she runs the merchandise table. One night, she finds herself insanely attracted to a grungy, skinny guy named Adam. They end up having hot sex in his house—very un-Eden-like. What Eden forgot to mention is that before she left work that day, she spritzed herself with a pheromone-enhancing perfume that her coworker was developing. What Adam forgot to mention was that he is actually Adam Copeland, international rock god. What evolves is a whirlwind romance, fueled by love, betrayal, lies, and enough gossip and paparazzi to make even the most famous of celebrities think twice. Marlowe makes a name for herself in this hilarious and sexy debut, the first in a planned series. It’s filled with frisky sex scenes set to the backdrop of rock music, and Marlowe makes the chemistry scientific and literal in this fun read.

— Erin Holt