Ten Things About My Writing

Ten Things About My Writing

This post was inspired by the brilliant Tara Sim. This is meant to demonstrate that we writers are all weirdos, but maybe my idiosyncrasies will strike a chord with someone else. 1. I can write anywhere, anytime as long as nobody knows I’m writing. If someone in my house sneaks up behind me, I’ll switch […]

My Pitch Wars Interview

Brenda Drake, who hosts a number of noteworthy online contests – Pitch Wars being the most noteworthy, has posted an interview with me and my mentor, Jaime Loren. You can read it here.

In the beginning, there were … 250 words

I’m gonna state right up front that I hesitate to post a blog about how to write a first page. I am certainly NOT a paragon of great writing, and I make ALL the mistakes when I start a new work in progress. I have to let myself make them because words must litter the […]

All About That Pitch — No Trouble #PitchSlam

We’ve all faced the problem of shoving our perfectly polished, honed, and refined novel into the misshapen box known as the pitch (or the query or the god-forsaken synopsis). It’s like trying to turn a diamond back into coal. It seems impossible, and everyone’s first attempts usually end messy and painful. After reading over one […]

Schrödinger’s Cancer

For the past month, I’ve been dealing with what I dubbed “Schrödinger’s Cancer.” It’s the cancer you both have and do not have in the interim time between finding something suspicious and test results. It’s that window of time that opens with you waiting to see if that unnatural thing goes away, convinced you’re healthy. […]

The Liebster Award: 10 Question Blog Hop

Oh my God, YOU GUYS! I got some kind of an award! Woohoo! Thanks to Nikki Roberti for nominating me on her blog for something called a Liebster award. Now I’d never heard of it. So…. I checked Wikipedia and discovered: The page “Liebster award” does not exist. Cutting edge stuff right here. And if […]

Thank You #PitchWars!

Thank You #PitchWars!

Pitch Wars came along at the perfect time. I was in that sweet spot between thinking there was nothing wrong with my brand new MS and knowing everything was wrong with it. If I’d had any more or any less faith in my novel, I probably wouldn’t have entered it. It’s that delusional place you […]

#PitchWars Blog Hop – Why I Wrote CALAMITY

This post is part of a blog hop for #PitchWars and will be hosted by the fearless C.M. Franklin on her blog. Follow the links at the bottom of this post to visit the other authors in this blog hop. The first time someone asked me why I wrote Calamity, I answered without thinking, “Because […]

Putting the "Partner" in Critique Partner

Putting the “Partner” in Critique Partner

Most of us have an aversion to critiquing and being critiqued, and this might cause us to fear finding or becoming a critique partner. I recently shared about being a good critiquer when you CP with someone. Today, I wanted to write about the other half of the equation: the “partner” side of the job. When I […]

NaNo 2014 Mini-Series Interview

O hai! I’ve agreed to be a part of Susan Nystoriak’s NaNo Mini-Series. The first post is all about the writers who have agreed to take part in this interview series. We’ll be sharing our different approaches to NaNo which is coming up fast. If you’ve ever even thought you might want to write a […]

Putting the “Critique” in Critique Partner

My then eleven-year-old decided to write a novel. It was four pages long and started when her character woke up. For a four-page novel, the action took far too long to get going, but on the other hand, the ghost appeared on page 1. When I read her novel, you know I told her none […]

I Remember September 11, 2001

I Remember September 11, 2001

13 14 1516 17 18 19 years ago today at 8:48. I woke up feeling sick because I had worked late the night before. Commuting into work at ass-crack a.m. never appealed to me much, but especially not feeling like crap. But I had deadlines and my co-workers would count on me to come in […]

Writing Contests, #PitchWars, and Rejection

Writing Contests, #PitchWars, and Rejection

Bear with me. This might sound like everyone else in the whole authorverse… I started writing novels last year. That’s not to say I started writing last year, but until Nanowrimo, I had never attempted a full-length, plot-arced, voice-dripping, character-driven ms. I finished one (Yay!) and revised that sucker and edited that sucker and didn’t […]

Bio #PitchWars #PimpMyBio

Bio #PitchWars #PimpMyBio

I’ve just entered Pitch Wars, which anyone visiting this blog probably already knows about. But for those who don’t … It’s a writing contest to end all writing contests. Non-agented authors submit their finished manuscript and query to a select group of “mentors” in the hope that one of them will choose theirs to sculpt […]